About our Package

Fast Track Pandemic Crisis Management

We have taken our complete Business Continuity Planning methodology and simplified it so that Small to Medium sized businesses and organisations can execute the required planning and Pandemic Crisis Team preparation by themselves, quickly, without needing specialized (and expensive) consultants.

Our Package contains everything you need to analyse your business and equip a Crisis Management Team

1. CEO briefing and capture of key guidance for the Pandemic Crisis Team

2. Fast Track Crisis Management Template — A complete package of worksheets that guides your team through all the steps needed to decide about which Contingency options are available for priority areas of your business

3. A Pandemic Team Contingency Planning and Operations Manual — a detailed guide to creating the right contingency plans to protect your business, and prepare your Crisis Team to execute them in the chaotic environment of a pandemic

4. Training materials to help your Team learn to use these tools.
5. Two hours of consulting, via Zoom teleconference, to help your Team learn to use the package.



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