About us

We provide solutions to our our clients that are innovative and meet the needs of the COVID and post COVID world.  We use practical approaches and creative transformation processes.


Hacy Tobias is responsible for Strategic HR Consulting, Post COVID transition, Risk Management, Leadership Development, Competency Frameworks, Performance Management, Executive Coaching and Mergers and Acquisitions. She has many years’ experience as a senior global HR executive, with over ten years of experience working in the Asia-Pacific region.  Hacy is known for her ‘out of the box’ thinking in creating innovative solutions to business issues.  Having been a member of the executive management team for over 20 years working in corporate roles, she is well attuned to creating and implementing pragmatic, time sensitive solutions and strategies for executive management and boards.

Jim Brown is responsible for transforming large organisations and developing innovative approaches to improved business and systems performance. He has a broad background as both a senior business executive and a management consultant. He has led a number of large change programs as well as developing transformational change methodologies. He has also mentored a number of “C” level executives.