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Pandemic Crisis Management

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the Ark.”

You recognise that time is getting short to prepare your business for the COVID-19 Pandemic. You’re getting lots of advice about what to do.

Advice is no substitute for planning. Our proven methodology is an industrial strength  DO IT YOURSELF contingency and crisis planning package to help you understand the threat and quickly find ways to protect your most important customer services and processes.

Valuable Information

Current Pandemic Information in Australia

The Australian government’s Health website gives current status and advice about the Australian pandemic

Current Pandemic Information in the USA

The US Government’s CDC website gives current status and advice about the US pandemic

Current status of the pandemic globally and locally

This is a complete status of the pandemic, updated constantly.

Important country by country comparisons

This website gives you ability to compare what is happening and understand what may be working to halt the spread.

How do you recognise if you're sick with COVID-19?

This simple chart compares COVID-19 with Flu and colds to help you distinguish your symptoms

How to prepare your organisation

Every CEO and senior manager should read this PDF, which gives many good ideas about preparing.

A noted Scientist discusses the pandemic

Dr Michael Osterholm is a well-known expert on pandemics and provides value insights in this video.

See effects of the Pandemic on your country

This page has a model for the US and Australia which you can change to see the effects of the pandemic

Very enlightening interview

A Professor from Italy, who is coordinating all ICUs describes the “bomb” of COVID-19

How healthcare workers protect themselves

This video shows PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) that healthcare workers must don.

McKinsey Advice and Insights about COVID-19

A McKinsey Executive Report, giving their scenarios and advice about how businesses ought to prepare.

Prepare your household for COVID-19

This is a useful checklist of things every home should do to prepare itself for the pandemic.